Precisioned Components

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Precisioned Components is thrilled to now have the ability to come on-site to measure or verify your parts and machinery using the latest technology. With our compact and lightweight system, the Keyence WM-3000, we can easily send a capable engineer your way to quickly set up and start taking accurate measurements immediately.

Our cutting-edge device is a portable 3D measuring tool that utilizes white light interferometry to capture ultra-precise images and measurements of surfaces down to 10 microns (the width of a human hair). This high-precision instrument is particularly well-suited for verifying uneven, warped, or generally odd part sizes. With our component verification abilities, you can be confident that every part meets your exact specifications, whether it's a small component or a large and complex part.

Our service is ideal for, but not limited to, electric arc furnace repair. Our machine’s extreme accuracy and ability to measure inconsistent surface features from over 30 feet make it perfect for measuring and analyzing the wear and tear on furnace components with the highest level of precision.

Don’t let uncertainty about your part’s accuracy slow you down. Contact us today and experience our fast, reliable, and portable measurement and verification services.

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